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Prof. Dr. Werner Kunz (ret.)

Belenois gidica (Zomba-Plateau/ Malawi)
Belenois gidica (Zomba-Plateau/ Malawi)

Professor Kunz is first and foremost a zoologist. He has carried out scientific studies on Drosophila and Schistosoma and is currently working on scientific theories concerning the concept of species and the theoretical foundations of nature conservation and species protection. He is also an animal photographer with a profound knowledge of global species, focusing on birds and butterflies. He lectures in Studium Universale and organises the V-module 446 “Basics of Biodiversity and Evolution”, with an annual excursion to the Bükk National Park in Hungary.


Prof. Dr. Werner Kunz i. R.

Dr. Werner Kunz
Professor for Biology
Institute for Genetics
Universitaetsstr. 1
D-40225 Duesseldorf
Phone 0211-26106714
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